From the rediscovery of the historic “Infiorata” in Rome,

to the Fifth International Congress of Ephemeral Art Carpets

On last 29th June the third edition of the Historical “Infiorata” was held in Rome in front of the St. Peter’s Basilica, in Piazza Pio XII. The event aims to revive the ancient tradition of floral decorations born in Rome in the first half of the seventeenth century as an expression of the so-called Festa Barocca, by Benedetto Drei, head of the Vatican’s “Floreria”, and his son Peter, on the occasion of the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, patrons of Rome, of 29th June 1625.

After only three editions another important goal has been achieved: the organization in 2014, on the same date, of the 5th International Congress on ephemeral art carpets.




70 delegations waited. More than half of the delegations will be Italian and the rest from all over the world: Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, France, Japan, Mexico, Tibet, just to name a few.

200 delegates to the congress

1.500 street artists

3.000 square meters of ephemeral art carpets

500 thousand flowers used

2 tons of salt

100 sacks of sawdust


Activities before the Congress

novembre 2013 Meeting of the International Commission in Rome in order to establish the Congress program

dicembre 2013 Sending the Congress program to all delegations

gennaio 2014 Launch of the promotional campaign with press conference

marzo 2014 Communication of the attending groups with full program of the Congress and of the additional events (“Infiorata”, typical products exhibition etc.)