Infiorata information




“Infiorata” School for children: “Infiore School”.

Preparing and dyeing process of different materials: salt, flowers and others.

Presentation of the Carpet and volcanic lands of Teide in the Plaza de la Orotava (Tenerife).

Floral kitchen: new flavors.

Promotion of typical territorial products organized by Restipica and the participating municipalities.




Res Tipica is an Association constituted by ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) and the National Associations of Cities of Identity for the promotion and enhancement of the wine, food, environmental, cultural and tourist heritage of the participating municipalities.


The Association aims to:


  • promote, in the territories, actions for training, counseling, awareness, communication regarding identity/authenticity, as well as communication and information of the general public for the knowledge of the territories, historical centers and traditions and local knowledge;
  • develop proposals in order to solve specific problems of the system of Local Italian Self-Governments, inherent to its own social purpose, to be presented to the political class at different levels and to the national and foreign institutions;
  • encourage and develop studies and analysis aimed at promoting awareness on the issues of territorial marketing (promotion, protection and enhancement of the local identities/typicalness) and to support the administrative offices in decision-making in the field of local development, cultural tourism, food and wine quality;
  • promote agreements with institutions, associations, scientific, cultural and educational bodies, foundations and research and training centers, working on the same issues in Italy and abroad.