Infiorata information


Historical background


The Infiorata is organized on the Ascension Day and serves the procession that runs the main streets of the town. It consists of a ground of flowers that covers completely the soil on the slope that leads from the square to the church. A few days before the feast, the women and girls of the village go through meadows, woods and gardens and pick bundles of flowers. Then they pluck the petals off one by one and pile up the leaves of the same color in order to make at the end a kind of palette full of different shades.

Every home that faces the street takes charge to cover the space in front and executes a different design. Some people make an ornate, others a frieze, some the arms of the Duke Sforza, the ancient lord of the land, some their own, if they have it, some those of the bishop or the Pope’s, and so on. With a long, flexible old cord that you put in the ground in accordance with the drawing, you first fix the outline that crams itself with leaves of various colors. The whole has a lively appearance and viewed from the foot of the slope, looks like a magnificent carpet, that the procession will tread unfortunately underfoot. 

Massimo d’Azeglio, I Miei ricordi