In March 2013, in the island of Tenerife, an international commission voted unanimously Rome's candidacy as the headquarters of the Fifth International Congress of Ephemeral Art Carpets, giving Italy the opportunity to host this important international event, for the first time.

Fifth Congress information

The International Congress of Ephemeral Art Carpets originates from the need of linking the various street artistic expressions as well as defending secular traditions, jointly with promoting, world-wide, their peculiarities. Among the various ephemeral art carpets, those of “infiorata” are the most popular: they consists in creating the well-known flower designs, following an old tradition originated in Rome in the far back year of 1625.

However there are other artistic expressions using various materials such as salt, wood shavings, volcanic earth. On the other hand, even using the same material like flowers, various techniques can be applied, such as “Pugnaloni”, the well-known vertical panels of Acquapendente (Viterbo), or the “Flowered Christs” of Artena (Rome). Ephemeral art panel are found also in the far-east culture; like the Indian “Mandala” and the very peculiar art works made by the Tibetan Monks.

The First International Congress of Ephemeral Art Carpets was held in 2006 in “La Orotava” (Canary Islands), with the participation of twelve delegations. Italy was represented by Genzano. After that and every two years, the Congress was held in Huamantia (Mexico), Panteareas (Galizia – Spain) and finally to Barcellona, where the number of delegations rose up to 29, counting about 500 street artists: all of them involved to make their splendid carpets in the Catalan City.