Floral Kitchen: additional activities and events to the “infiorate”, with tasting of typical local food and wine made from flowers and herbs. Demonstrations of the use of flowers not only in kitchen but also in other sectors (cosmetics, homeopathy, herbal medicine, etc.) by using flowers respecting the landscape according to the plans of defense and protection of the nature established by the municipalities partners of the Città dell’Infiorata and Infioritalia.


Environmental Education and schooling with focus on protected floral species, seasonality and the use of fresh product. The decorations with fresh flowers can only be done at certain times of the year (May-June), in respect of the natural cycle of the flower and the safeguard of the environment.


Recycling of waste organic material used during the “Infiorate” (composting and other forms of sustainable recycling).


Infiorata: a reason to increase the employment in the horticultural sector, forming the students of primary and secondary schools on new techniques of floral decoration and on the profession of floral decoration teachers.


Revival of the intangible traditions of a place in a perspective of sustainable development.