Fifth Congress information




ユネスコプロジェクト: エフィーメルタペストリーアートのユネスコ無形文化遺産の登録要請について


Tourist area

- The ephemeral art carpets as a vehicle for promoting tourism of the territories and for territorial marketing: “The experience RES TIPICA di ANCI”

- The ephemeral art carpets on thematic networks (web, TV etc.)

- The Museums of ephemeral art carpets: Previous experiments and future plans

Economic and financial area

- Financial support for the creation of ephemeral art carpets: “Looking for creative financial support to get the necessary resources”

Technical Area

- Experiences and projects for the protection of ephemeral art carpets in situations of adverse weather conditions: “The coverings of Infiorata di Spello”

- Machinery for the processing of raw materials

- Ephemeral art carpets manufacturing techniques teaching in primary and secondary school: “The experiences of Infioritalia” – “The school of Alfombristas of La Orotava”