Polifunctional Complex of Pontifex Urbano University


The Campus of the Papal University is closed to Saint Peter’s Basilica, not far from the Gianicolo hill and from the historical centre of Rome; in addition it has the convenience of being outside the restricted vehicles circulation area as well of being provided with an indoor car parking. Other services are available in the adjacent reception centre: such as parking for buses and cars or public catering.

The space in-door of the University Building is qualified to host meetings, congresses. high profile events: there is adequate room for any kind of exhibitions including catering.
The Complex is surrounded by a vast green park to ensure privacy and quietness to all guests.
All in-door spaces are equipped with audio and video systems; there are cabins for simultaneous translation, recording and “in/out” linking for video conferences.



The old building of Aula Magna has a capacity of 450 people and is equipped simultaneous translation cabins as well as video-conferences links in and out door. The stage can host seven speakers plus one reading desk. The AULA looks prestigious and elegant: particularly qualified for the most significant Events and Congresses.
Lounges and large corridors in front the AULA MAGNA are suitable for secretarial staff and exhibition lounges.



The AUDITORIUM is dedicated to Saint Giovanni Paolo II, is an independent building which can hold 210 congress members and which is equipped with 5 simultaneous translation and in/out linking for video conferences.

This structure is particularly qualified for professional training, conferences and debates; all the seats in the stall are provided with microphones to improve direct dialogues. The stage can host seven speakers plus the reading desk.